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Wing Mill

Wing Mill thumbnail

harnessing the natural aerodynamics in nature.

In Emergency

In Emergency thumbnail

Everyone needs some luck sometimes, this is my answer to all our ever elusive genies. Made to Order. Price on request.

Reaffirmation Carpet thumbnail

Reaffirmation Carpet (prototype design). Walking over hot coals, whether using mind over matter or pure adrenalin, supposedly bestows one with an invigorated belief in ones abilities and self reliance. It is thought that by inventing an anchor for this achievement one can summon this feeling of power, at will, during ones day to day challenges….What [...]

Walking on Sunshine

Walking on Sunshine thumbnail

Walking on sunshine linoleum floor tiles (prototype design). Drawing on alternate printing techniques on new media and the ever inspirational anthem by Katrina and the Waves these tiles are guaranteed to to put a spring in your step…and don’t it feel good? Price on request.

PHOTO ESSAY thumbnail

Alternate essay for Joburg Style


PHOTO ESSAY thumbnail

Featured in Joburg Style

I Don’t like Mondays thumbnail

Design samples, by Andrew Wessels, for the 2 singles by Cassette : “Right Now” (Featuring Tidal Waves) & “I don’t Like Mondays”, using some of my photographs.

for the CITY

for the CITY thumbnail

Proposed CELL C Billboard


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