-the rebirth of the prospector-


…the honest truth, insofar as this suggests absolute fidelity to historical fact, is inaccessible…. for memory cannot do the necessary work independently of fantasy…
— Frank Kermode

P.O.Box 1984, Johannesburg, 2000, South Africa is my postal address.


an exploration into the ethereal mythologies, iconography and architypes of Joburg.

an exhibition of photographs, taken of Johannesburg,

from one vantage point and over a period of 10 years.


#Post_Box_1984 is both testament to the naming conventions of social media metadata,

and to the affect, our personal perceptions (metadata), has on prescribing meaning :

The use of physical “Instagram” filters is a deliberate metaphor for the mental filters we perceive our world through.


seen through the eyes and referential filter of 1984,

both Joburg, and Joburgers alike, emerge painted with a brush of magic and tragic realism.

#Tag a friend : a post box and postcards will be made available for old times’ sake.

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